Grandview Heights is a premier example of multiple activities and uses successfully coexisting in an urban neighborhood.

The dominant use of land in Grandview is residential, and includes single family residences, multi-family and rental properties. Different types of housing make it possible for people with different incomes, different needs and different backgrounds to live in the neighborhood.

The newest homes in Grandview are on the northern end of the neighborhood, between the historic area and the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

One noticeable feature of the neighborhood is a locally-owned dry cleaning business in the heart of the community.

Directly adjacent to Grandview Heights is Howard Park, a 15-acre park maintained by the City of West Palm Beach. The park includes a community center, sports facilities and an extremely popular dog park.

The historic Seaboard railway station is less than a mile from the neighborhood and provides a commuter rail gateway to the rest of South Florida, as well as a point of embarkation to the rest of the Eastern US via Amtrak.